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Mobile Email Marketing

Email Marketing on mobile phones

"Mobile Email Marketing"

By Chris Harding

Mobile email marketing is a less expensive way for companies to advertise their services and/or products with potential and existing customers. Before digital marketing was available as an advertising tool, businesses would use direct mail in order to reach individuals about specific services and/or products they offered. However, in today's economy companies are beginning to use mobile email marketing to advertise due to it being a more rapid, cost efficient and easier way to communicate with potential and existing customers. Digital marketing can have a positive impact, no matter what type of business it is.

Basic email best practices were established to optimize email for desktop users viewing through Web browsers or email clients. However, more often than not, emails are being read using mobile devices. When doing mobile email marketing businesses must use caution when creating designs for their emails in order to decrease the chances of the email being sent to a spam folder. Therefore, it is imperative to use best practice design for your company advertising in order to ensure your customer is able to view the email in its entirety, no matter what type of device they are using to read the email. Implementing the best practice designs allows you to create an email that is compatible for viewing, even on a mobile phone or any other type of mobile devise besides using a computer.

Companies reap many benefits by using mobile email as a marketing strategy in order to reach prospects and existing customers. However, the more important perks include the ability to generate repeat customers, increasing sales, and the ability to gain valuable, honest feedback from customers quickly. When using digital marketing, not only can you generate repeat customers, but you are also increasing your sales by being able to communicate with individuals on a more relevant level.

Traditional advertising tends to reach customers as a whole, whereas mobile email marketing may be able to reach potential and existing customers on a more intimate level making it more likely an individual will use the products and/or services of a company due to receiving an email rather than seeing a billboard advertisement.

Digital marketing also allows for customers to give valuable, honest feedback regarding the products and/or services used by a specific company. This feedback is also available for other potential customers to review before deciding to use a specific company or their products.

In today's market, mobile email marketing has become one of the more popular ways for businesses to grab the attention of potential and existing customers.

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